Jul 16

How to effectively Landscape and maintain your garden

landscaping3Landscaping and designing is easier said than done, especially when it’s your garden which is going to reflect your very vision and desires. Thus if you’re planning to redesign or landscape the garden space in your home, you need to be very thoughtful and take some very important things into consideration. As it is not always possible to get all things into account, it is always preferable to hire the services of professional landscapers like Kite Landscapes, the best Landscapers in maidenhead.

Here, we will be talking about how you should go about landscaping in Maidenhead and redesigning your garden space for the best.  First things first, you need to get hold of a paper and pen for the planning and jolting. Make a rough sketch of the vision of garden that you have in mind. This will guide you through the landscaping process. Now, write down what would you like to do or what you would like to see in your garden- from the colours, plants right down to the kids playing or you sitting and reading a book.

Next, try to see the usual wind direction. You wouldn’t want your pots of plants and small shrubs or herbs to get uprooted with a strong wind or thunderstorm. Thus you need to plant your shrubs and pots carefully in another direction as that of the usual wind. This keeps your plants and shrubs intact and growing.

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Jul 15

6 Facts Must Be Considered To Buy Online Garden Accessories

garden-plant-garden-tools-gardening-gardening-calendarGardening accessories shops are the great attraction to a passionate gardener. Gardening is a passion of countless people throughout the world. The gardeners who are going start their garden should know some basic tricks about gardening. Knowledge about soil, plants, diseases, environment, fertilizers and chemicals, insects and pests, flower gardening help the gardener to make his garden rich. Some information is given below to help the gardeners.


Before starting gardening, one must examine the soil type of his garden. According to the soil type, plants and trees can be selected. A gardener should choose those plants only which are suitable for the soil of his garden. Soil quality can also be improved by adding materials, available at shops.

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Jul 12

Which is better for your garden: natural grass or artificial grass

artificial-grass-play-garden-ukSince inception of artificial grass, this has been the burning issue like what to choose for your garden_ the natural grass or this artificial grass. Both have their own characteristics and features, so let’s compare both on some key grounds and try to figure out which one is a better option for your beautiful garden…

Comparing the beauty of artificial grass with natural grass

Natural grass has a by default natural beauty in it which is just beyond words to explain. They simply look amazing. They have a natural smell which gives them a slight edge over artificial grass. Artificial grass, on the other hand, also do look very beautiful, fresh and green, but when you observe them closely, you might distinguish between the natural and the artificial grass.

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Jul 11

Plant Protection Gardening Accessories: Available at Online Gardening Accessories Stores

manual-tools_small-tile._CB296028960_Gardeners love to buy garden accessories from online gardening accessories shops. But they should not forget it that excessive garden tools may make it disorganized. Gardeners should make a list of essential things at the beginning of every season. Various plant protection accessories are required in different seasons. The plants need to be protected from the external threats of weeds, storm, and winds etc. Some of the useful garden accessories are porous weed membrane ground cover, woven porous weed membrane, tri laminated 25 mm Bubble insulation, plastic pegs, tree guards, heavy duty metal ground, weed cover etc.

Porous weed membrane ground cover:

Porous weed membrane covers the garden or lawn to prevent the growth of weed. It also blocks out the light. Weeds create problems for a beautiful garden. Beautiful lawns or garden can be destroyed simply by the weeds. This cover is a useful tool to save the garden from the weeds.

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Jul 10

What You Need To Buy From Online Garden Accessories Shops?

glYdqe56gf_9HOnC7xqRqDl72eJkfbmt4t8yenImKBVvK0kTmF0xjctABnaLJIm9Online garden accessories shops are always there for beginners who are eager to start gardening. Many gardening tips and suggestions are available on The Internet, helping a lot in beginning the garden.  Some things must be considered to get a beautiful garden such as good foundation, good drainage, ample sunlight, variety, proper time, transplant, over-planting, nutrients, pest control and weed control.

  • Good foundation

First of all, the nitrogen and carbon levels of the soil of the garden must be examined. If the quality of the soul is too bad, then a gardener should start with a square foot garden. A wood box or plastic box can be used in which fresh soil can be added along with mulched and composted leaves. If the soil of the garden is medium, then it can be improved by adding some materials.  A good and perfect soil is beyond question.

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